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    Bovines& Swine

    Manual for vitamin AD injection [Description] This product is a colorless or light yellow clear oily liquid. [Function and Use] This product contains vitamin A and D. the vitamin A can function as furthering the growth of anima
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    Hormone drug. This product can promote fish hypophysis to release GTH; enhance female fish’s follicle to secrete estrogen which will help accelerate follicle maturity, ovulation and production of corpus luteum; stimulate sperm production and maturity for male fish. It is a high-efficient fish odinagogue, ensuring better efficacy especially for mountainous

Our Mission:

We aim to be a leading multinational company that has the best quality in our field.

Our Vison:

We will pursue the world's most advanced technology and professional elites to create highest quality and best service, also gain reputation and market share with good credibility and integrity as well as stable quality.

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Animal Reproduction

Ningbo Second Hormone Factory was established by 1988. We have been committed to animal breeding industry for 30 years, and we combine raw material, research and development, manufacture, examination, sales, and customer support together to be a large scale enterprise. Our company was awarded as “Zhejiang High-tech industry” and Cixi Top 20 enterprises”…

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